About Charlie’s Charters

Charlie’s Charters was started by Charlie Musselman in 2005. It was started to provide a service for minor hockey teams in northeast Saskatchewan. The original idea was that it was a great pastime as Charlie enjoys driving and meeting new people, and with 2 children in the minor hockey system it seemed he was always on a bus anyway, driving numerous buses for other bus companies. 

It became apparent after a couple years that word had travelled and business had become busy enough that it was too much to handle on his own. In the fall of 2006 Ron Edmunds started driving for Charlie; this took the pressure off Charlie as he was still working full time. It was a good fit as both had driven professionally for several years and knew what keeping the buses in top shape would mean to the business. In the fall of 2007 Ron decided that he enjoyed the business as much as Charlie and at that time they formed Charlie’s Charters Ltd. and moved the business from Tisdale (SK) to Ron’s shop 9 miles east of Tisdale... the new shop was more modern and had enough room to maintain and store 4 buses. This would work out well, as in the near future it played a big role in where the business is today.

Shortly after incorporating the company Charlie received a call from Chuck Lowe, the owner of Wapiti Charters in Nipawin, 65 km North of Tisdale. Chuck explained he was going to retire in May of 2008 and wondered if Charlie’s Charters was interested in purchasing his buses.The discussion was short and the decision was made to purchase the 2 buses from Wapiti Charters. They took possession of the first bus in December of 2007 and the second bus in May of ’08.

At the same time, the need for a 55 passenger seem to be growing in the area so in the summer of 2008 they purchased a 55 passenger coach. This was only sufficient for 1 year. It seemed the better the service the more buses were needed. They once again found the need to expand and update their fleet. 

In 2009 and in the next 6 years they found themselves updating the fleet to include eleven 56 passenger buses with the newest being a 2015 Prevost. At this time the business is now demanding several full time employees as well as part time drivers. 

The business in Saskatoon has increased enough that Charlie’s Charters tries to keep 2 buses in Saskatoon at all times to service that area and now includes industrial bussing for mine and oilfield and construction work in Saskatchewan and Alberta. They also have a full service bus repair shop with 2 licensed mechanics and full parts department.

In 2015 Charlie's Charters acquired Northeastern Charters in Melfort. Bringing his bus total to 14 and increasing his foot print in Northeast part of Saskatchewan.

Late 2017 also brought some exciting news for the growing company Charlie's Charters acquired Ventures West Charters In Battleford. Adding 5 more 56 passenger buses and adding a shop in the Battlefords to service the Northwest part of the province and Alberta, also at this time he upgraded with another new 2018 Prevost to go with his fleet.

Fast forward to 2019/2020 Charlie's Charters has moved the repair and maintenance facilities to Saskatoon. This was necessary to centralize it with our charter services. Our hope it be able to grow our business even more and provide even better service for all of our customers   


Charlie’s Charters is truly a family owned and operated company.
We are proud to operate from Melfort, Saskatoon, and the Battlefords, serving all of Saskatchewan & Alberta.